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What is Infrared (Thermal) Imaging:

  • Sees what the naked eye cannot...

  • Helps against possible unseen insulation issues, possible moisture damage, water and heater temp checks and inspection of major electrical and heating components.

  • Does your inspector offer Infrared or charge extra for this service?

Missing Insulation

This may not be found by a normal home inspection, wouldn't you want to know...

Water Temperature Checks:

Normal Water Temps

Protect everyone in the home...

Possible Hidden Moisture and Insulation Voids:

  • Possible hidden moisture or condensation locations that can cause unforeseen expensive damage.

  • Simply not seen with the naked eye or until it's too late.

Insulation Voids in a Cantilevered Floor Overhang

Can your inspector see these with his naked eye?

Electrical, Heating, Appliances and Much More:

  • Can not only find the defects, but can verify components are functioning safely.

Electrical Panel with no notable connection or component issues.

Functional Water Heater with no leaks.

Plumbing Issues:

  • Can detect possible or future plumbing problems.

  • Locate and identify possible leaks, clogs and more.

Strange what the naked eye cannot see?

Preventative Maintenance Issues:

  • Can detect many possible preventative maintenance issues.

  • Would these be detected on a normal visual inspection?

  • This is money lost in daily utility bills.

Bad or worn Door Weather Seal

Freezer Door with no thermal loss (Good Seals)

What Infrared Imaging is NOT:

  • MOISTURE METER – This technology is NOT a moisture meter. It simply identifies thermal anomalies, but this device greatly aids in identifying areas that need further investigation.

  • X-RAY VISION – It does not provide the user with an immediate Superman "S" on their chest with the ability to clearly see inside walls. It simply identifies thermal differences, which combined with a trained eye can greatly enhance the quality of an inspection.

  • SILVER BULLET – It's NOT a silver bullet solution, but when it is used in conjunction with other technologies, it can identify issues that are rarely identified during a normal limited visual home inspection process.

  • RISK ELIMINATOR – Infrared Thermal technology does NOT completely remove the risks of concealed damage.

  • PLEASE NOTE - It is deceptive to claim that thermal imaging detects moisture because the best that it can do is detecting thermal differences, but using infrared to help discover moisture issues is helpful because once the anomalies are identified then moisture meters and other diagnostic tools can be used to identify the source of the anomaly.

More Examples - Heat Loss thru Roof, Over Heating Components, Missing Insulation, Condensation, Moisture, Plugged Plumbing, Infloor Heating.